A centerpiece of our culture. Ben Henning, Googler Goomics constantly redefines what it means to be "Googley". Michael Head, Googler Google's collective unconscious made manifest. Luis Nin, Googler I've read books about Google, before and after joining, and this is the best one by far. Hans Wennborg, Googler Manu, you have a gift for depicting in comic form the succinct, pithy truths we all need to see. Don't ever stop. Matt Stone, Googler Impossible to ignore. Satya Nadella, C.E.O. of Microsoft

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of this book?

Google is very often in the spotlight, and while its products are widely used, its internal corporate culture is still fairly obscure to most. The purpose of this book is to restore some of the original humour and playfulness of what I believe to be the Google spirit and to contribute to demystifying the company. It tries to show that Googlers are capable of not taking themselves too seriously, of making mistakes and trying their best to fix them, of voicing their opinion of the company’s position, positive or negative, and sometimes of just being a little silly :-)

Is the quote from the Microsoft CEO real??

It sure is. See more details here.

Can I see the table of contents?

You bet. Here it is.

Why are some “episodes” missing?

While I’ve tried my best to keep the “cuts” to a minimum, some drawings were just a little too sensitive at the moment. They will start reappearing in future editions of this book.

Why no ebook version?

I’ve tried, but because of the layout, text size within drawings, etc., it just doesn’t work. Sorry. When a color ebook reader with a large screen (as large as a page of the paper book) comes out, then I’ll probably reconsider.

Why only Amazon?

I’m publishing this through Amazon’s “Create Space” self-publishing platform, which makes the book available by default only on Amazon. Amazon makes it so that selecting more distribution channels would mean raising the price. At this point I’ve chosen to make the book available at the lowest price possible.

Why only until 2015?

Commentary on less recent events means less trouble. Besides, 2010 and 2015 are nice, round numbers.

Will there be a volume 2?


Did you draw all these yourself?


Isn’t all this confidential?

Nope. While the perspective taken in this book is unique (and the cartoons themselves, obviously), all the raw information is already public or widely known through other existing sources.

Ah, I see, you do this to make money.

If I show you the bills that the lawyers I’ve hired for this book send me, you may change your mind pretty quickly about that. To anyone who wants to make money, I would suggest that writing books is clearly not the best idea. Unless your name is J. K. Rowling.

Nope. I make these on my personal time and I’m extremely conscientious about separating this from my Google work, and about not using any of Google’s resources or facilities to make them.

I found a typo! I want to suggest an enhancement!

Great! I’m always looking to fix things and improve the content. Please be kind enough to let me know at Thank you!

Can I reuse your drawings?

Sorry, no. I usually adopt a Creative Commons license for my drawings but in this particular case, I can’t, for a bunch of unfortunate and uninteresting reasons.

Who are you anyway?

My name is Manu Cornet (full first name Emmanuel), I was hired at Google as a software engineer in April 2007 and have been happily working at Google ever since.

I have another question!

Feel free to drop me an email at Thanks!